Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Card Holder

There are some details that are easy to remember and some you may forget. Luckily, in a long engagement I had time to think of all of them and get crafty. One thing you want to remember is having a card box available at your reception. Most of your guests will bring a card rather than a present. I used a bird cage I found at Stein Mart. It was a great buy, plus after the wedding it can be used for home decoration or sell it to a future bride.

Most of my inspiration for decorating the cage came from pinterest. I bought the ribbon and silk flowers at Michael's Craft Store. The lady behind the "ribbon counter" was very helpful with choosing a ribbon that looked good with the coloring of the cage. The wired ribbon also helps with curling. I made the cute sign from scrapbooking paper, silver stickers and foam tape (gives a 3-d affect).

The bird cage fits perfectly on any small or large table at the reception and looks so pretty!! Happy Crafting!