Monday, September 16, 2013

Music at the Reception

          From the very beginning of planning Matt and I wanted a band at our reception.  His brother had a band at their reception and we loved it.  It was different than a DJ and brings such a lively atmosphere to your celebration.  A family friend of ours is in a great cover band The Friends With Benefits, unfortunately the lead singer was in a wedding the same day.  (errg!)  So we continued to search, but just couldn't find any bands we liked, in our price range.  Before looking too far into DJs in the area, we considered hiring someone to run music through an iPod.  My sister had done this at her wedding, so I knew it could be done.  Nerve racking, a little, if the iPod doesn't work, but it's so cost efficient and there are ways to back up the play list.  Bring 2 iPods and your computer with a back up hard drive to calm your nerves!

          When we decided on this, we had to find the perfect person to Emcee our reception.  Luckily, my brother's friend Abe was the perfect person with his upbeat personality!  I have known him since I was 12 so it was cool to have someone I knew well emcee.
Abe in action at the reception
  And I knew we could trust him!  Abe was all about it and we were so excited!  My brother is very talented with music and put our entire playlist together! (I am incredibly lucky) He had an hour of jazz music on a CD that the Columbia Station played during happy hour and the playlist on an iPod/computer for the reception. 

          I assigned my dad and brother to rent a sound system from the local music store.  ( I like to stress, that people want to help.  You just have to ask)  I think it was around 200$.  My brother picked the sound system up the morning of the wedding and met Abe at the Columbia Station to set it up (and make sure it worked!)

         We met up with Abe and my brother a week or so before the wedding to go over the schedule we had created (after meeting with our wedding coordinator, the Columbia Station provided one for the day of the wedding).  We also wanted to let him know everyone's name in the bridal party so he pronounced them correctly.
Reception Schedule for our Emcee

This could not have gone smoother.  Abe put on a wonderful show and had EVERYONE Dancing! When I say everyone, I mean it, photo proof:
Aunt Debbie bustin' a move
My Father in law on the dance floor!

My best friend and husband on the move

My younger cousins havin' a great time

My mother in law and her brother enjoying a dance!

College friends having the time of their life

College friends having the time of their life

Everyone dancing!

 Our Songs
Bridal Party Entrance- We go together from GREASE!
First dance-Lets Stay Together by Al Green
Father daughter dance- I loved her first by Heartland/remix! (see Father daughter dance entry)
Cake Cutting- All you need is love by the Beatles
Last song- I’ve had the time of my life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
Must Have Songs For Your Reception
  SHOUT out to the best Emcee ever, Abe! Full photo proof that an emcee with a great playlist works at your reception!

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  1. When we decided on this, we had to find the perfect person to Emcee our reception. Luckily, my brother's friend Abe was the perfect person with his upbeat personality! top wedding songs


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