Monday, December 30, 2013

Pre-Wedding Girls Day

     Visiting with out of town guests and extended family on your wedding day can be hard.  It is a busy day. Aside from hugging everyone and thanking them for being there, there isn't much time to 'catch up' with people you haven't seen in 6 months or sometimes more. You struggle with knowing they spent a lot of money and time to be there for you, and knowing you will be busy getting ready, saying vows, getting pictures taken, eating, and dancing. So how do you catch up with these wonderful people you dearly love?

     Luckily weddings aren't just one day, it's a whole weekend. Think about it, there is the day before where you are prepping/decorating, and having the rehearsal dinner.  The day of the wedding you get ready, have the wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and typically an after party at the hotel bar.  Then the day after you have a brunch with all the out of town guests and extended family.

Pew Bows
Decorations at the front of the church
     The day before my wedding we had a girls day. About a month before I emailed my mom, sister, grandmothers, Matt's mom, his sister, his grandmothers, my aunts, cousins and the bridesmaids, and gave them the plan. I knew they all wouldn't be able to make it, but the important part is that everyone knew what was going on, and they felt included (which was important to me.) Keep in mind to invite close friends that aren't in your wedding, but who are traveling, to events like these.  My good friend Danielle was flying in so I made sure to invite her to lunch and nails. You want people traveling to feel welcome, enjoy their time, and look back and say 'that was a great wedding! I am so glad I went!'

Girl's Day Schedule:

French Manicure
Decorating the church from 9:30am-11:30am

Lunch at 12:00pm

Nails at 1:30pm

Not only did this allow me to spend time with family and friends, but the mani/pedi gave me a chance to relax, which is important on such a busy/exhausting/exhilarating weekend.

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