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60 Pictures to take on your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life.  You want every detail, every special moment, and every special person that took part in your wedding captured so you can look at your wedding album, and remember it perfectly.  Here is a list of 60 pictures that my photographer captured. Hopefully this helps you prepare for your big day.  Look it over, print the checklist at the bottom, and bring it with you when you meet with your photographer.

1.     Bride's Bouquet/Bridesmaids Bouquets
Wedding Band on open hymnal
2.       Bride's Shoes and Jewelry
3.       The Rings
4.       Bride and Bridesmaids with their hair and make-up done before you get into their dresses
5.       Bride getting ready- putting on your dress, shoes and jewelry on
6.       Groom and groomsmen getting ready
7.       Having fun with your bridesmaids using a mirror.  
We bought a nice mirror at Marshall's Home Goods, used it for pictures, and returned it (guess it didn't go with our home decor ;-) )
8.       With your siblings at your parents house. 
We climbed up onto the big rock we played on growing up. Talk about memories!
9.       Getting into the limo.
10.   Girls in the limo on the way to the ceremony.
11.   Walking into the church
The Best Man covering the Groom's eyes while the Bride enters the Church!!
When we pulled up to the church the limo driver pulled up to the side door. I'm not sure how we forgot to let Matt know to stay clear of the hallway near the parlor 20 minutes before the ceremony, but we did..We walked up to the church, opened the side door, walked in, and there is Matt and his brother putting on their boutonnieres!  Without even thinking my famous last words before getting married to Matt were "douchebag!" The groom should not see the bride before the ceremony! Matt's brother quickly covered his eyes with our Marriage License.
12.   Bridesmaids in the parlor
13.   Bride and her parents in parlor
14.   Bride with her Dad before walking down the aisle
15.   The church (all decorated, before guests there)
16.   Pastor leading the ceremony
17.   Readers
18.   Singers/Piano player
19.   Saying Vows/Putting on the rings
Have to capture the first kiss as husband & wife!!

20.   The Kiss
The Bride's parents reaction is priceless!

21.   The guests reaction/crowd during ceremony
22.   The couple after the vows leaving the ceremony
Artsy Picture of Bride and Groom (could be cool to print on a canvas and hang in your house)
23.   The send off after the ceremony
24.   Formal shot of Bride and Groom with the Groom's family
25.   Formal shot of Bride and Groom with the Bride's family
26.   Bride's extended family
27.   Groom's extended family
28.   Bride and Groom in front of the church
29.  Bride and Groom doing a dip kiss
Bride & Groom walking
30.   Picture of Bride and Groom walking away into a beautiful life (we were walking down a tree lined road)
31.   Thank you card
32.   Bride with the bridesmaids
33.   Bride with the groomsmen
34.   Groom with groomsmen
Black & White: Groom with Groomsmen
35.   Groom with bridesmaids
Bridal Party Jump Shot- Photographer shouts 1, 2, 3 and everyone jumps on 3!
36.   Bride and Groom with entire bridal party - serious
37.   Bride and Groom with entire bridal party - silly, jumping, etc.

Bridal Party in Church (photographer is standing in the balcony)

38.   Entire bridal party toasting with champagne or drinks
39.   The bride having her dress bustled
40.   Bride and MOH
41.   Parents of Bride and parents of Groom getting introduced
Time to celebrate and drink!!
42.   Each bridesmaids and groomsmen being introduced
43.   The Bride and Groom being introduced
44.   First dance
45.   Father daughter dance
46.   Mother son dance
47.   MOH giving her toast
48.   Best Man giving his toast
49.   Cutting the cake
50.   Feeding cake (or shoving!)
51.   Group shots with your group from High School
(I am so glad we had our photographer take a picture of our swimming friends, little did we know it would be our last time together as a group because our dear friend Chris passed away a year after the wedding) Take a serious and silly picture
'Feeding' each other cake
52.   Group shots with your group from College
53.   Throwing your bouquet or giving it away
54.   The place cards
55.   The gifts (card holder, presents, and party favors)
56.   The reception room before guests arrive (centerpieces)
57.   The guest book (maybe while someone is signing)
58.   Candid shots of cocktail hour
59.   Candid shots of dancing

60.   Send off after the reception

Printable checklist [Right click, save image, paste into a word document, and print]

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