Monday, March 10, 2014

What to do with your flowers, decorations, extra cake when the wedding is over

As a bride, you can spend endless hours creating your perfect wedding.  From planning the flower arrangements with your florist, to watering ivy twice a week for 10+ weeks leading up until the wedding, to choosing the perfect cake flavor.  After all of your hard work has gone into these small details that add up to your perfect day, you have one more thing to take care of. 

Where will the extra stuff go when the day is over?

At the end of the wedding, you don't want to be stuck with 10 flower arrangements. Most couples take a honeymoon, so why have 10 flower arrangements die in your apartment, while you are soaking in the sun in the Caribbean?  Give the flower arrangements away!! It can be hard to choose which 10 people will get the centerpiece/arrangement, so set it up in a way that won't hurt anyone's feelings.  Have the DJ announce towards the end of the reception that the person who traveled the farthest at the table gets the centerpiece.  

We also had 8 ivy pots from our church (that also were at the reception; my Aunt's brought them over after the ceremony).  My grandma asked to take one back to her house and I couldn't say no! My favorite part about giving these away are seeing them when I visit people's houses. Recently my parents visited my grandma. My mom called me to tell me the ivy pot is still going strong and my grandma loves showing people so she can say it's from her granddaughters wedding!  Sure puts a huge smile on my face. Share the love. Here is the link to the DIY Ivy Pot

If you choose to leave your flower arrangement at the church, you can coordinate to have the program the next day say "dedicated to so and so church in honor of the newly weds!"

Just remember people love fresh flowers, so it won't be hard to coordinate this, just don't forget this detail while planning!

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