Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Ivy Pot

One thing I learned throughout the wedding planning process is even if the vendor (florist, photograher, etc.) doesn't work out you can still learn something during the meeting.  I got a great idea from a florist to fill the tall church window sills with ivy pots. 

 DIY has a whole new meaning after planning my wedding!

I went shopping with my mom for ivy pots for the church window sills and they were so pricey! About 10-20$ each, which added up with 10 church window sills.

DIY Ivy Pot

Step 1:  Purchased 5 inch clay pots, light green Apple Barrel paint and a paint brush from Michael's Craft Store a.  
Step 2: Paint the pots lightly.  One paint stroke should do, especially if you want the washed antique look.  
Step 3: Once the pots have dried, glue diamond rhinestones from Koyal Wholesale near the top of the pot.
 Step 4:  Buy soil and Ivy.  
I bought some ivy from Pickering Valley Feed and Farm in Lionville, PA (you can buy ivy at any garden store).  
Step 5: Plant the Ivy.  You don't need too much in each pot, it will grow and spread.
Step 6: Care for your ivy!! Water them 2-4 x a week.
Step 7: Add embellishments.  
When we were decorating the church the day before the wedding my sister and grandma added some crystal leaves purchased from Koyal Wholesale to jazz them up a bit!  They look so pretty!

DIY Ivy Pot

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