Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Favor

A wedding favor is a creative and thoughtful thing to give your guests.  When picking my favor I thought how can I tie it into my theme?  But I knew my guests wouldn't want a swimming cap that says "Amanda and Matt 4 Ever".  I think if you are going to put the time and effort into making something, as well as the $$$, it should be something your guests are going to use.  What better gift than alcohol!?  Matt and I headed down to Total Wine in Delaware and were in search of something good, but not too pricey.  We found Cruse Blanc De Sparkling Champagne. 

I added a cute saying on craft paper with ribbon from Michaels:
"Tomorrow we will sail off on a cruise as husband and wife. Please have a “cruse” of your own as a token of our appreciation for sharing our special day."

How to hand out the favor took some thought.  I didn't want to have the champagne on the guests table because I thought it would be too bulky.  I also didn't want the favor out at the beginning of the night because I was afraid guests would stash the gift under their table and forget about it.  When we met with the catering company at a finals meeting they suggested setting up the champagne bottles on a table in the lobby towards the end of the night.  The DJ made an announcement to take 1 bottle and there was also a sign on the table.  It worked out and we got so many compliments weeks after the wedding about what a wonderful favor it was!

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