Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cake Topper

When I think of a cake topper I picture a traditional bride and groom kissing.  These days there are so many options.  You can go simple, creative, big or small.  There are so many choices including fresh flowers, a monogram, family heirloom, fresh fruit, bell topper, a photo, figurine or a clay cake topper.  This is another decision you have to make by asking yourself: How much do I want to spend? Do I want it to be a keepsake? How big is the cake- how big should the cake topper be?

I searched online for a long time looking for a swimming themed cake topper (Since we met swimming our wedding theme was a touch of swimming with blue and silver).  Go figure there were so many sports cake toppers, but NO swimming toppers.  I went to Etsy and looked for a person that could design and make a customized swimming themed cake topper.  Luckily someone agreed to make it, but she took 2 months and it arrived a day before the wedding (talk about stressful!) So my advice is tell the person who is making your cake topper a date 1-2 weeks before your actual wedding.  The cake topper was about $100, which seemed like a lot, but it is an piece I can keep forever.

Swimming Cake Topper:
Each holding towels with our college colors, goggles in bride's hand and goggles on groom's head.

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