Monday, February 11, 2013


Photographer - It's never too late!

Choosing a good photographer is one of the key components to planning! Once your day is done, all you have left is the memories and pictures.  My husband and I met with 1 photographer after she was recommended by our friends.  We really liked her; her personality and her work.  All the examples she showed us were fun and creative.  OR so we thought!  Fast foward 7 months and we go to our engagement session.  A beautiful park with so much potential for cute engagement pictures.  The engagement session was over in 15 minutes- STRIKE 1! We get the pictures back and can't even finish looking through them..yep, they were that bad- STRIKE 2! My family and friends were saying things such as "you look like you guys just met".

It took a lot of encouragement to switch photographers (especially since it was 2 months before the big day) but it was well worth it in the end.

My mom and I went on a search mostly using the internet. One thing I learned is that a talented photographer who wants your business will have a large gallery on their website so you can get a feel for their style. David ( ) called me back within 15 minutes and met with us at a Starbucks that Saturday.  During the meeting he asked things like "What's your favorite show" and "What do you love about Matt".  I had a really good feeling, which you should have when meeting the person who will be with you for 75% of your wedding day.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a photographer: Have a style in mind that you want (pinterest is great for finding wedding styles). Set up interviews with the photographers to see if your personalities mesh.  Look at full wedding albums with a critical eye- ask yourself questions such as "Did they capture key parts of the day" and "Are all their pictures in each album the same or does each wedding/couple have a different feel/style". Lastly, compare packages.  Photographers can be expensive, but remember this is all you will have to remember your big day!

Last tip on photography.  Photographers want your business.  If a photographer is not booked on your wedding day and your day is quickly approaching, try and get a deal!  No harm is asking!

Good luck in photographer search!

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