Monday, February 18, 2013

Hair & Makeup

That's right! Something you do everyday takes thought and planning for your wedding!  Some brides think they will save money by doing their own hair and make-up, but my advice is to pamper yourself! A professional uses quality makeup that will last a long time and look great in pictures.  The professional makeup artist can turn that 'everyday look' into 'beautiful blushing bride!' 

Now you may find yourself asking "How do I choose a salon?"  Back in high school I went a friend's prom and got my hair done at Hair Cuttery.  The "professional" (literally doing air quotes) did not know what she was doing.... after giving her several suggestions I just took over and pinned it back myself.  This is not the experience you want to have the day of your wedding.  So talk to friends and family for suggestions on professional salons, then do your research.  What do their reviews look like, how close are they to where you will be getting ready/ceremony site, what are their prices.  They might not have all this listed on their website so contact someone.  Try and get this done 6 months ahead of time.  If you are having all the bridesmaids and mothers get their hair done the salon will need several stylists.

Once you have the salon booked set up a hair and makeup trial 2 weeks-2 months ahead of time (the salon will let you know their protocol.)

Now comes the fun part!  Find several pictures of hair and makeup styles you like.  Pictures are very helpful since most stylists don't know you personally.  When you go to your trial bring a bridesmaid!  This is perfect way to include your bridal party and it gives you support and feedback.  Make sure you are honest with your stylist.  Some things to keep in mind during and after your trial: How long did it take, how long does the make up stay on, how durable aka dance proof is your hair.  Remember you will be getting your hair and makeup done 2-5 hours before your ceremony and it will have to last until the end of the reception.

Don't forget to bring any hair pieces and/or veil to the trial and have a designated person (usually your M.O.H.) learn how to properally take out your veil.

Here are some pictures I brought with me to the trial & day of the wedding

Here are some pictures from my trial

 A great picture of the back of my hair demonstrating how 'danceable' it is!

Good luck in your salon search!! I highly recommend Balance Hair Spa if you live in Chester County, PA.

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