Monday, May 13, 2013


Dressed in the most gorgeous gown, make-up on, hair done and feeling oh so special.  The limo pulls up, you climb in with your friends and there it is..  duct tape covering a crack in the seat.  You think, well hopefully nothing else goes wrong.  But it does.  Halfway to your destination you see 3 spiders crawling around.  Gross!  And to make it a little better (catch my sarcasm) the windows aren't sealed tight so there is just enough breeze to mess up your $50 up-do.  

Ok so it wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't what I pictured for my senior prom.

So when it came time to find a limo for my wedding I didn't want to make a big mistake again.
I asked some friends that had recently gotten married for recommendations and did a lot of research online looking at prices, testimonials, types of vehicles, etc.  I made sure to meet with the limo service and see the inside of the limo.  You want to make sure they are in good condition and see if you can fit your whole wedding party in the car.  I thought a 12-passenger would fit my 12 person bridal party.  Boy am I glad I had Matt (6'-6") climb in the limo because we totally needed the 16-passenger limo!  Things are always different in person.

You may ask yourself, do we need a limo?  They are so expensive.

I knew I wanted to get a limo for a few reasons:

 *To make the day feel more special
*To keep the whole bridal party together from the ceremony to pictures and to the reception site
*To share a special ride with  my girls on the way to the ceremony 
*To have fun and party with the whole bridal party on the way to the reception
*I knew my dress was too big to fit in a little car
*I didn't want to make any regrets

**My brothers had never been in a limo before (what a cool experience to give them!)

We felt offering a shuttle from the hotel to the reception site was important.  Since we had set a block of rooms at the hotel we wanted to offer a shuttle as a courtesy to the guests who were traveling far and didn't know the area.  We also wanted to make sure our friends, who we knew would drink, had a safe way home.

A lot of hotels have a van that they use for shuttle service.  Try to get a deal.  For example, ask if you get 15 rooms booked by a certain date for 50% off the shuttle price.  If your hotel doesn't have a shuttle service you can rent a car through a car service.

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