Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY MR & MRS Chair Decor

I am a big believer that the small details make your day special

Tackle a small project like this on a weeknight after work. It's so simple, yet oh so cute.

Step 1: Go to Michael's or AC Mooore. Don't forget to find and print a coupon from online.
Step 2: Buy wood letters, paint, foam brushes, glitter spray (if it fits with your theme), and ribbon
Step 3: Paint the wood letters
Step 4: Once the letters are dry, spray the glitter on
Step 5: Glue or staple (use a staple gun) the ribbon to the wooden letters
    * Make sure to leave a lot of ribbon on either end
    * I brought the letters to one of the meetings at the venue and practiced how to tie them
    * When I dropped off all my decorations to the venue I included a note of where these were to go and how to tie them (most venues set everything up for you, this is something you can ask your venue when you meet with them)
Step 6: Remind your photographer to get a picture of this!

Our sweetheart table (you can see the MR sign on the back of the chair)

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