Monday, October 7, 2013


One of the reasons I love Pinterest is the ideas it gives you. 
One night I found a pin with wedding rings on the newspaper and thought great idea! I immediately pinned it and added to the comment 'get the newspaper on wedding day, on the To Do List!' Even with a million things going on, on the morning of my wedding my brother was running out to get milk from the store and asked "Does anybody need anything?" "Yes!!" I shouted. "Grab today's paper!"

15 minutes later..He comes back and we burst out laughing...

Grab a Newspaper On Your Wedding Day

YUP, Pot Raid on the front page of the newspaper.  I thought "guess we won't be getting any nice pictures of our rings with this newspaper."

It's a great idea for a fun picture with your wedding rings. Grab a paper on your wedding day and if it's a nice front page, ask your photographer to get a picture like this pin I found...

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